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The older I get the more amazed I become of refreshing ideas that come from the most unlikely quarters. Ideas that never occur to oneself, leaving one much to chew on.

The other day I formed a group of acquaintances which was thrown together by circumstances not of one’s choice. I tried my best to be as polite as I could, and I am certain that the rest of the people strove to do the same. Somehow along the way the topic turned to the trend of some Spanish primary schools to incorporate Chinese classes. The most outstanding theory of this came from a lawyer.

“Chinese is the future”, he started out conventionally, “they are everywhere. Bazaars, boutiques, restaurants. I would get my son to learn Chinese. If you want to do real big business, you do it with the Chinese. And see how they flood into Spain, there are so many Chinese adoptions. In 20 years, everybody in Spain will need to speak Chinese! Maybe there will be no Spaniards anymore!”

I think in order to practise law, as this man does, you have to go through university education. But of course, I am too old fashioned, I thought you did learn at least some values and logical reasoning there in the ivory tower, although it is not the best place to learn common sense. He must be the finest example of one who graduated without any of the above. I held my tongue, since peer pressure forbid me to disagree in a situation that I considered did not worth it, especially when everybody gave him three cheers with more supporting arguments. I am not sorry that I have not the pleasure to enjoy his company again, so far.


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